Finding the Holiday Joy

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Project 365 - Days 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85

On Friday the 18th, I just on a plane headed to Aluquerque, New Mexico. Jamie, Barb and Phil were there to greet me, then we headed to meet up with Jean, Steve and Kay for dinner. We are at Little Anita's and while the food was delish the company was far superior!! After dinner we had dessert at Jean's then it was bed time, big day ahead!

Day 80 (Jamie, Kay, Barb, Jean and Me)

On the 19th, my birthday, I got up to Jean making me a birthday breakfast :) Her son, his wife and their daughter came over as well, it was a house full by 11:00am. By now Payton and Larry had made it in from Missouri. It was a wonderful morning :) At noon we headed north to Durango, a three hour drive with our group split up into two vehicles. We arrived in Durango just as the weather turned, it was raining and snow was perdicted for the night. After getting our train tickets, checking into the hotel we headed to a place called Ol Timers for dinner. Great burger if you ever get there for dinner! As a surprise I was given a slice of delish chocolate cake and sang too, dang near made me cry!!
Day 81

Early the next morning we set out for the train station, it was cold, overcast and snowing (very lightly), it had snowed during the night :) We departed the station at 7:30am, very exciting!! The train ride in all lasted about 10 hours, they provided drinks, eats and warmth. The entertainment, outside of us laughing our hinders off was without a doubt the train! We were given eleven stops, to deboard and take pictures as the train made two passes for our photographing pleasure. Some of the stops were insane! Above knee snow, cliffs, rivers and sheer drops offs. We climbed, hiked and hung on to whatever was handy. Cold!! but so much fun!!
Day 82

The morning after the train ride, we met up for breakfast then hit the streets of Durango for shopping and sight seeing, loads of pictures. Cold but not as cold as the day before. Some Starbucks and chocolate later we loaded up and headed south to Albuquerque. We laughed the entire way back!! It was so fun! Some LOL phrases are: Cream of anything, No pie, Larry-Steve and You'll like the way I make it. LOL, I'm laughing while typing this!! After arriving to Albuquerque we freshened up and met up at El Pintos for dinner, it was very good!! We laughed alot more, I cried I laughed so much!!! We sang to Jean, her early birthday dinner :)

Day 83
(Front left and around, Barb, Jamie, Payton, Larry, Steve, Jean, me and Phil)

I have to admit by the end of that night I was exhausted. We got up the next morning and it was just Jamie, Jean and myself. We ate a fantastic birthday breakfast at Weck's, this time it's Jean's birthday!! The pancakes were so big, very, very good. Jean drove us to the airport. Hugs and goodbyes! Jamie and I met up with Barb and Phil in the airport, Payton and Larry had just flown out. I was the last to leave. It was a fantastic weekend, Jean and Steve were fantastic hosts!! 

Day 84 (entry way to Jean's home)

I spend my first day back home doing laundry and unpacking, I did run to town for somethings and got to see Kyleigh while I was there. She let me take her picture, she wanted to take her little shovel with her so she was being orney in the photo :) I hadn't seen her for more than a week so it was a wonderful surprise to get a hug and love from her :)

Day 85


  1. Lisa!! You got all of that said!! :0) Ha!! We did laugh didn't we...tons! It was so great!! I loved having you all for the weekend!! The Best!

  2. WOW!!! What fun! Did you take that train photo? Its amazing! I loved all the photos but that is just so captivating with the smoke! WOW!!! Cool! I loved that you shared the giggles in your journaling! :)