Finding the Holiday Joy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ok, for months now I have not been able to either log in or leave comments on other blogs, Goggle will not let me! I can log in to this blog now but I am still unable to comment on pictures or anything on my favorite blogs, grrr. I am working on it, I have been emailing the powers that be but they perfer to refer me to FAQ's sheets, hello if that helped this problem would have been solved long ago!
In the time that I have been locked out I have been learning alot about editing, studying and talking pictures professionally. I have to say that sometimes I get a little discouraged because I'm no Jasmine Star or Andee from Crave, I am currently loving Jean Smith Photography, literally I don't know whether to be inspired by her work or cry because I haven't achieved that kind of work yet. The again who am I??? Maybe I am asking too much of myself....or not. I know in my heart I can do beautiful things with pictures, I can see it when I take pictures :) Sorry for the ranting.

I've decided to use this blog as a way to talk it out so to speak. Plus pictures and random things, maybe no one will care and maybe they will...............I can live with that!

Something you should know about me before continuing - I hardly ever proof read, as in you will find spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes and mental mistakes and well just mistakes. And unlike posts that I read all the time about how it's irresponsible not to or it's because I'm an uneducated boob or I think I'm busier than anyone's mainly because I don't wanna, so there you have! I also over use the exclaimation point as well!!!! I like to think it's because I'm passionate :)

Recent train I have jumped on - Pinterest!! OMGosh! I love it!! and someday when I win the lottery I will have a list already from what I need because I have a board for it. My friend Stacey introduced me to it a while back but it wasn't until recently when I was on a trip to KC with her that I discovered she was doing it on her phone! I immediately accused her of holding out. I am all things about my iPhone and if I had know they had an app well I would have been pinteresting long ago!! I told her she was holding out and I called her a tramp (term of affection from me:) She totally denied it though.


Been on this train awhile now - Instagram! Loove! I have seen so many great, great pictures on there, mostly taken with the iPhone (mine are all iPhone unless I write on it differently, I think I have about 5 non iPhone pictures out of almost a thousand on there. Don't get me started on camera editing apps......30 and counting.

Better run, have a great day. ~Lisa

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

MCP Before and After Challenge

Used MCP Mix and Match (I love mixing the actions, my favs are Lemonade Stand, Urban Revival and Retro Surprise. I also loooove Frosting), Dodge and Exact Sharp:
I also love all the Finish It, Blog It and Print It Actions MCP has available!! I love MCP!

Click the above link to visit their blog.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I Heart Faces - Back to School

I just recently did a 'back to school' session with four of the sweetest and fun girls. I decided to enter this one because it's the most like what they would look like at school :) I had a blast with these girls :)

I Heart Faces - Back to School Challenge

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Monday, August 15, 2011

I Heart Faces Challenge - Beautiful Eyes

I Heart Faces Challenge :)
I Heart Faces - Beautiful Eyes

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Project 365 - Day 223 and 224

The clothes they make for little punkins now are sooo much better than when my boys were little. I have a blast looking at those little shirts, bought this one at Old Navy :)
Day 223
Today I went to lunch at the Cracker Barrel, it was delish but my favorite part of being there is the little country store. I saw this there, it is adorable. I love their candy section too!
Day 224

Monday, July 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day 220, 221 and 222

Friday I got home and was outside letting Ky play some, when Hank came out and wanted to play too. Every time I went to take his picture he would flip over, and look at me upside down.
Day 220
We went fishing, again, Randy goes every day almost, anyway it was hot as blazes! but the sunset and sky were beautiful. I took a picture of my pole, I only caught one fish all night.
Day 221
Kimber came for a visit Sunday night, she is growing and so pretty!! You should see how active she has gotten, wants to walk and crawls everywhere. We took her outside for a picture, we got her to stand all by herself!! Little punkin is tooo cute!!
Day 222
(yes she is Gigi's princess:)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Project 365 - Day 217, 218 and 219

This picture of Randy is awful, I blurred his nose, should have checked my aperture and backed off a little but since this was the only picture I took that night it will have to be the photo of the day.
Day 217
I got sick as a dog on Wednesday, seriously I haven't thrown up like that in years and years! Ky and Meagan had it the weekend before and I guess I signed up for it some where along the line. Later in the afternoon I got up and took this picture of a little bunny I found in my camera bag, which means that Ky had been in my camera bag looking for gum :)
Day 218
Randy went fishing with a bunch of friends last night and came home with this whooper :)
Day 219
(in my defense I took this picture late, late and refused to use my flash so the focus is soft but I think you get the idea, it was a big ol fish :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project 365 - Day 212

It's hot, hot and dry, dry here in Texas, with no signs of letting up anytime soon, triple digits every day. A couple weeks before the 4th of July most of the counties in Texas issued a Burn Ban. No fireworks at the house this year :(
Day 212

Friday, July 1st!!!! I can hardly believe it's July, blazing hot outside to remind me though. I picked up Ky, she had just got home when her Daddy and Pappy pulled up. Very excited she ran outside before I could get her Penny the Pig away from her. It's a Scensy product, has that little smell good pouch inside it. I think that Peggy is getting the lamb one for Kimber :) Too cute. I can not wait to see that baby walking............ohhhh the pictures ;)
Day 213

We were invited to go watch fireworks by Rider and Jana, her brother was helping with a fire department fireworks show. It was nice, hot as heck but the fireworks were too fun. I didn't put my camera on a tripod or mess with all the settings, I hand held it, jacked around with the exposure comp and clicked away. Some were good and some weren't, this one is far from perfect but for some reason I really like it, all the color and smoke appeals to me ;)
Day 214
Sunday we went fishing, got up early and took the boat out to Lake Tawakoni. Really hot but it was fun and we caught 5 big ol catfish!! Betcha can't guess what we had for dinner??
Day 215
Happy 4th of July!! It was a super hot but quiet day for us. I had originally wanted to take pictures of the flags on the porch for my photo of the day but no matter the angle or how I shot it, it just wasn't making me happy. I looked down off the porch and got this instead. What's really weird is the pictures I took of the flags with my iPhone were great, I used some apps on them and really I loved them. Go figure.
Day 216

(hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Project 365 - Day 210 and 211

Last night the clouds we awesome, I knew I had to get a picture but I didn't want the horizon to be cluttered under it so I drove about 10 minutes past my house and found this little spot, I literally felt like I was the only person on the planet out there. I took the picture, the whole time I kept thinking this is what the fields looked like in the old days, wide open range.
Day 210

Today is my friend, Joey's birthday!! I met her thru Shutterfly and even got to see her in person on our big trip to New Mexico in October. She is a treat and I wish her all the good things she could ever want!! I stopped at Starbucks and bought her a cake pop, just so I could photograph it and send her way. Joey I love ya, Happy Birthday!!
Day 211

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Project 365 - Day 209

We went fishing Sunday, Randy puts the spare minnows and bait in the little pond beside the porch until the next time we go. Miss Ky thinks that's the living end, she will sit there and net those fish for hours if we let her. Last night she caught one of the bigger ones, very exciting.
Day 209

Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 205, 206, 207 and 208

Just realized I didn't post Day 205 before I left on Friday, flowers from the front porch Thursday night :)
Day 205

Friday Randy brought the chainsaw home and started cutting up that cedar that fell Wednesday morning. It smelled so good while he was cutting it, I liked this limb the most, it has such a pretty red center, smelled so good.

Day 206

Saturday I got to sleep in but had to take Ky to her mom for a birthday party at 4, then ran to see Kimber, then back to the party to pick Ky up again and then home, I was beat. Earlier that day I had asked on my FB page what I should photograph that day. Marvett said something that reflects how I I thought about it and took this image. My bedroom is one of my favorite places, it has great light and all the colors of the ocean, I love it in there when things are quiet around the house. The little round bank speaks to me ~dreams come true~ that means loads to me lately. I love thinking about the ocean, feeling those colors around me, thinking about the possibilities the future holds because I don't know if you know but..................dreams come true......
Day 207

I wrote about a co worker that recently lost a 22 year old son, she also has two daughters, before her sons death we had planned on taking pictures of their family, she hadn't had a family photo in years. I wasn't sure how she would feel about doing it now, but she came to me and said you know I talked to the girls and they want to go ahead and do it. So on Sunday I met up with Hannah and Holly for pictures, sisters, 20 and 15, beautiful red hair!!! They were too fun for me to photograph. Naturally they had to be Sunday's photo of the day :)
Day 208

I Heart Face - A Touch of Whimsy

For the weekly challenge at one of my favorite blogs :) I Heart Faces:

Singing the Little Mermaid with Kyleigh :)

Click the above link to be taken to the Challenge :)

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day 202, 203 and 204

First, I want anyone that reads this to know that I can't get my Goggle acct to recognize my email or name anymore! I haven't been able to visit a blog in forever! I am working on getting it corrected if they can. Frustrating, I have tried to leave comments and it will not let me!! Amazingly I am able to post pictures and blog posts on my blog, I think that's weird, why shouldn't I have to log in to update my blog, hmmmmm.

I feel like my pictures of late have been uninspired :( I'm working on it though.

I heard on the news that storms were expected for Tuesday and Wednesday but by the time I left work on Monday the skies were clouding over, the temps downed some too. It did rain alittle that night but most of it came the next morning. These are the cloulds that followed me home Monday.
Day 202

Tuesday it rained all the way to work but about 10am it was the same ol blazing hot and bright, bright outside. I took this picture because I carry my camera everywhere I go, I got to thinking how much a part of my life Diego, my camera, has become so I thought I would show you his home as he travels with me :)

Day 203

More storms rolled in during the night on Tuesday, but around 3am Wednesday morning we heard a loud noise outside, checked it out and the storms had destroyed two trees in the side yard, worse one of them landed on the all over the drive and cars. No damage thank goodness. This angle shows the limbs where they just snapped off the tree.
Day 204

Monday, June 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day 200 and Day 201

It was HOT! here this weekend, think surface of the sun HOT!! I have never been a fan of the heat, you know like people who live in the north can't stand the snow and almost go postal by May because it's not warm yet! Saturday I took Ky outside to chase bubbles, I made her wait until 7:00pm, we were outside for about 30 minutes, she chased and chased bubbles until she finally laid on the ground and told me she was tired!! Too hot!
Day 200

Sunday, Father's Day, was quiet at our house. I wanted to get a picture of Randy for the day but he was not cooperative with my camera, soooo about 9 that night I gave up and looked for something to photograph. I ended up taking a picture of this characature of me, I had it done at the State Fair of Texas a few years back. I think it looks just like me, for real, I also think it could work great as a character in a Disney or Pixar movie :) I took it with a high ISO and I turned it B&W to get rid of the amber color it had, I know I could have used a remover but the B&W works the best I think.
Day 201

PS: I can't believe I'm in the 200's!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day 199

Remember Day 114, if was of Tiffany and the day she found out she was having a baby boy :) Well he was born June 3rd, she brought him here to meet us, he's adorable!! Next Tuesday I get to take his pictures, yea!!!
Day 199

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day 198

Had lunch with the gals at work today at Napoli's and it was delish, yummo!!! Hope I don't get cheese on my computer.........
Day 198

Project 365 - Day 196 and 197

I know I have been taking sunset photos alot lately but doing the summer is just about the only time I can catch one after work, most of the time the sun has set long before I go out to the car. I this one was weird because the sun almost looks like an eye, creepy.
Day 196

My husband does paint and body for a living and on occassion he comes across some real deals with cars that have been wrecked. Once about 9 years ago he got a Camry for 300 dollars, he put about 200 dollars of repairs in it and I drove it for 2 years. I put over 150,000 more miles on it, then when I bought the Jetta I have now, we sold that Camry for 3000 dollars. For real it was a great car. My Jetta is a wonderful car too, I have put 259,000 miles on it, it has driven like a champ. I know it won't do that forever so we have started talking about another car for me. So Randy calls me the other day and says he's found an Infinity J30 that he thinks will be great, he drove it home last night. I love it!! It has an awesome interior and looks great, just needs the 800 dollars worth of fender damage repaired. He has bought the car for 800 dollars, he'll do 800 dollars in repairs and then she's all mine. I sure hope I have the same good luck I've had with the Camry and Jetta in this Infinity. I am not ready to get rid of the Jetta yet :), she'll have to hang around a little while before I'll consent to sell her. I hope to be in the newer car in about a month :)

Day 197

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day 195

The moon wasn't full last night but it was so bright that it caught my attention when I got home.
Day 195

Monday, June 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day 192, 193 and 194

Friday I picked up Ky, then we headed to the field I love for pictures with Jana and Kimber. The sun loves that field and so do I, this is just one of the pictures I have taken Rider and Jana's engagment in her faux wedding dress (not the real one:)

Day 192
Saturday we decided to take more pictures with the faux dress and ended up at a great place in Canton, we had the run of the place. It's the Mountain, it's full of stores for Trades Days.
Day 193

I got to photograph a pretty little wedding last night, the sun was having it's way with me but this is the jump shot, I know it's not a new concept in wedding photography but it's one of my favs, I love the playfulness of it.
Day 194

Friday, June 10, 2011

Project 365 - Day 191

My friend, Alicia, has a brand new grandson, Camden Martin, he was born on Wednesday. If we lived in the same area, they live in Illinois and me in Texas, I would have gone to see them, probably taken a picture or two. So when she sent this to me yesterday, baby Camden with his big sister Kaylee, I thought I'll make this my photo of the day. Alicia goes by Oma, and I know she is the proudest Oma around right now :)
Day 191

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project 365 - Day 190

Ky started gymnastics last night, Jana picked her up and took her. I got there just in time to watch the class and play with Kimber some!! I took pictures of Ky on the mats and Kimber too, none of them are good, the lighting and blurred motion are way off. Bummer!! I settled for an image of the sunset while I was getting gas instead.
Day 190

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Project 365 - Day 189

Taken in the yard last night while she helped water the plants with Pappy.

Day 189

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project 365 - Day 184, 185, 186, 187 and 188

Went to Galveston over the weekend, so now I'm playing catch up!

Thursday I was running late getting home and I picked up Ky, so I took a picture of the Dairy Queen sign in town. We love the DQ, yummo!
Day 184

Friday early morning I headed to Beaumont to meet up with Jamie, I left at 5:20am and at noon I was there. They all met me at the stairs and made fun of me for turning the wrong way in the parking lot!! Then Marcia, Elaine, Kim, Jamie and I headed to lunch, yummo Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for me!! After lunch Jamie and I headed to Houston to pick up Payton and Jean. We got there right on time, Payton and Jean were standing baggage in hand ready for us!! We laughed and talked all the way back to Winnie, picked up my car and headed to Crystal Beach where Linda was waiting on us!! Ohhh the Frederick beach house is awesome!!, we dumped our luggage and headed to eat at Stingaree, it was awesome!! Now I know I was supposed to eat seafood but I have a thing for chicken fried steak and let me tell you it was the best chicken fried steak I have ever eaten!! YUM!!! While we were there the sun was starting to set on the ocean, beautiful, we jumped up and got pictures of course!
Day 185

After a fabulous night of sleep in the beach house, Payton, Jean, Jamie and I headed to the beach for a morning stroll. There's just absolutely nothing like the ocean, I could throw a chair out and just listen to it all day! It was beautiful! We rode the ferry to Galveston, walked the Strand, visited the Sandcastle contest and drove the sea wall, then headed to Benno's. Awesome shrimp!!!! Yummo!!
Day 186

Sunday morning we were a little lazy and just enjoyed each others company, it was full of laughing and teasing! After Jamie cooked a wonderful breakfast we headed to a kick butt grocery/gift store, loved it in there! Came back to the beach house and Jamie's dad was there, he was great, I could have talked to him all day! Jamie, Jean, Payton and I headed to the beach for one last walk in the water. Steaming hot day but such a great walk and time with friends.
Day 187

We stayed in a hotel that night near the Houston airport to see Payton and Jean off to Missouri, then Jamie headed to work and I headed home. I finally got home around 4, I was beat!!! Here is a picture of Nick, he volunteered after he heard me whining about having to get up and get a picture (sad huh?).
Day 188