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Monday, June 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day 192, 193 and 194

Friday I picked up Ky, then we headed to the field I love for pictures with Jana and Kimber. The sun loves that field and so do I, this is just one of the pictures I have taken Rider and Jana's engagment in her faux wedding dress (not the real one:)

Day 192
Saturday we decided to take more pictures with the faux dress and ended up at a great place in Canton, we had the run of the place. It's the Mountain, it's full of stores for Trades Days.
Day 193

I got to photograph a pretty little wedding last night, the sun was having it's way with me but this is the jump shot, I know it's not a new concept in wedding photography but it's one of my favs, I love the playfulness of it.
Day 194

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  1. These are all great photos. I like the bright colored stairs in the second. And that open field looks mighty wonderful for photos! I've seen a few of the jumping shots at weddings. It's pretty cute. :-)