Finding the Holiday Joy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project 365 - Day 148 and 149

Yesterday I got to watch Kimber for most of the day, she was the sweetest punkin. She played and cooed most of the day, even played with an empty Whooper box for about 30 minutes, loved it! We watched some tv, jumped in the jumper and then went outside for some pictures. She loves it outside, smiles the minute she gets out there. It was fun to be with her!
Day 148

Got to work this morning and if it's possible the tulips are looking even more incredible than they did on Monday and Tuesday! Another tulip photo.....
Day 149

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Project 365 - Day 147

The tulips are still looking beautiful so I decided I'd take more pictures today :)
Day 147

Monday, April 25, 2011

Project 365 - Day 144, 145 and 146

Saturday it was quiet, just me and Ky, we worked on her bed and moved toys around, then we put on the Easter dress and headed outside for her Easter photo. She was cooperative too :) for about 15 minutes and then it was play time :) After wards we colored eggs, it was so fun, I had forgotten how fun it is :)
Day 144

Went to my Mom's for Easter, they cooked so much food it was unreal! Burgers, hot dogs, ribs and fried fish, plus all the sides. Food everywhere! I asked my Mom if she was expecting an Army, granted there are alot of us when we get together but this will feed them for days and days! We had hundreds of Easter eggs too, the kiddos were pretty patient, they didn't get too antsy until about 2. Ky was so funny, she would pick up an egg, open it decide if she wanted to eat the candy or not and then move on, then she marveled at some weed flowers, ohhh and look at that Gigi (dried cow pooh) and then finally completely abandoning her Easter basket to chase a yellow butterfly :) It was a great day and I am so glad the weather held off for our drive and visit there.

Day 145
(Ky, Regan and Michael, the littlest ones got to egg hunt separate because those bigger kids were planning out the 'take all and leave none' strategy)

I bought some 5 dollar tulips at Walmart on Friday, left them here at work over the weekend. We came in this morning and they were beautiful!!

Day 146

Friday, April 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day 143

Got up early this morning, headed to walmart before work so I could get the goodies for Ky and K's Easter baskets. Wow! they have so much stuff, craziness, toys, baskets, stuffed bunnies, candy and more candy, egg shaped everything!! They even have pink, green, blue, yellow and white grass! and I saw edible grass too! My favorite is looking at the spring and summer clothes for them, I always try to get a couple little short/shirt sets too. No basket is complete without an outfit :) When the lady told me how much I spent I stood in amazement, holy smokes, oy!! I took a deep breath, swiped the card and shook my head in disbelief! Ok there were some things in the cart that weren't related to Easter but still how much chocolate does a grandchild need...................enough to share :) with Gigi :)

Day 143

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Project 365 - Day 142

I know that our gas prices seem much lower than many other states arcross the US, but I have to tell you that I can't afford this much longer. Sincerely, this is all the extra money I had going right into my gas tank! This price is exactly one dollar more than last year at this same time. I might not be so bothered if it weren't for knowing that some very greedy people are making millions, billions off of this situation. Can you hear the backbone of America breaking?? because it's really happening, they are breaking us!
Day 142

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day 141

Ky started daycare for the first time (except maybe a handful of days in her life) yesterday. Her mom called and told me that Ky cried but did ok. I picked Ky up from her mom last night ont he way home from work. Ky told me all about her day, gave me a picture she colored and seemed happy. This morning I got her up, dressed her and myself, loaded up the car, we headed to the daycare to meet her Mommy so that I could see where it is and for them to meet me, I'll be dropping off and picking up on occassion. We pulled into the parking lot and immediately Ky started crying, I want to stay with you Gigi, big tears, breaking my heart. Her mom shows up and same thing Ky crying saying she wants to stay with her, big tears, rip out my heart! We go in, more tears, bigger tears..............I'm talking about me now!! Omgosh! just shoot me ok! She cried all the way to her class, the teacher came out, took Ky straight from her mommy and told us Bye, Bye........Ky is screaming I want Gigi, I want Mommy, big tears, the biggest I have ever seen............I was telling her you're ok, look how much fun you're going to have.............more tears, more crying, we walk up the hall, her mom looks at me and says 'it wasn't that bad'. Ok well yeah, I'm gonna go to the car, head home and drink a bottle of booze because I am spent!! I need bandaids for my heart, I need therapy, I need a big hug, I need to have my heart check because I think I aged 2 years in that 10 minutes!!! My punkin was sooo upset. I know it's a good thing for her, the place is fantastic, I was totally impressed.......................still she was screaming for Gigi, can someone remove that from my memory banks, I can't think, I can't work!! Help Gigi on the edge here!!
Day 141

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day 139 and 140

The office I work in has super reflective windows, sometime when I'm driving by them it's like peeking into another land.
Day 139

In the mornings when I head out of WP, I try my best to beat the trains, but sometimes I'm not fast enough and I have to wait....
Day 140

Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 137 and 138

The crowning for the Miss Bluebird pageant was Saturday at the festival, Ky got runner up and a little trophy, that was good enough for her :) She was over it in a second, wanting some of that blue stuff the other kids were eating (cotton candy:). We walked around the festival, ate some of the best fruit ever! and then headed over to the rides. Ky is very adventurous, nothing scares her, I have to say that is definitely a trait she inherited from her dad (I hope that she doesn't inherit the scars and bruises too). She wanted to ride everything out there, mainly the really big ones that all the big kids were riding. She wasn't tall enough for any of the rides but none of the workers cared, if she wanted on it they let her, in fact it was me that insisted that her mom ride some of them because there was no way she was getting on by herself with me around. You could hear her squealing and laughing all over the festival, really that baby had a blast!!
Day 137

Sunday Ky went fishing with Randy and her Daddy, Jana and Kimber, not enough room for me in the boat so I stayed home :( When she got home she had a tiny scratch on a toe but she was bleeding like someone loped off a toe, we cleaned it up and put a SpongeBob bandaid on it................magic, all better :)
Day 138

I Heart Faces - Wind Challenge

I took these Friday night just before dark after Ky's pageant, she was being onrey, moving and singing, so I jacked up the ISO and snapped away. It was super windy, she was standing on the trunk of my car, my camera, Diego, could not resist her ;)
I Heart Faces - Wind Challenge

Click the above link for the I Heart Faces-Wind Challenge

Click the above link for the I Heart Faces home page :)

Project 365 - Day 136

Pageant time, so much put into the dress in the month prior only for that 5 minute walk down the carpet in front of the judges. Ky was very, very excited, jumping spinning, 'when is my turn'!! Her turn came, number 13 of 15 girls, she walked out there and didn't smile not once. She was beautiful though. Afterward her mommy told me 'no more pageants' too stressful, I have to say Yea!! I am totally relieved. I think my granddaughter is beautiful, but those pageants aren't really the atmosphere I perfer her to be in. After the pageant, it was just me and punkin, I took a few pictures, this one was my favorite.
Day 136
It was getting dark so I jacked up the ISO, super windy and she moves like a buzzing bee, it turned out good despite that though.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day 135

Ky is going to be in the Little Miss Bluebird pageant Friday night, but the dress saga has been going on for far longer! Her mom asked me to get the dress, I love buying the girls little pretty dresses normally, however the pageant thing is so stressful. The dress has to be this or that, gotta be perfect! So I shopped online about a month ago, decided on a budget, modest (trust me), then ordered a pretty little dress, very pretty. I ordered shoes at the same time. The shoes came in right away! The dress took another week, it was not at all what it was supposed to be, pretty but not going to work for what we needed. I decided to make the pretty little dress her Easter dress and try to find something new, 2 weeks to go. I found a dress ordered it, and the more I thought about this dress the better I liked it right up until last Tuesday when I got the email stating that dress is discontinued. Ugh! Is this really happening, more importantly, is this really neccessary?? Ok I get back online and get confused beyond words, dresses are spinning thru my head! I called the place about the order, she says see if you can find one and I'll tell you if it's in stock. I found another dress, Tiffany says that's great it's in stock, I'll post everything now and it will leave here in the morning. Monday comes, no dress! I call Tiffany, please you have to help me! she checks and some how the order had been canceled. She assures me she has taken care of reposting it, they will over night it and I will have it by Wednesday. Wednesday comes and no dress :( I called again, they jumped on it, really this girl got it done because today I got the dress!! It's pretty too, prettier than I had thought it woudl be. I felt that so much had happened regarding this dress that it only made sense to make it the photo of the day...............who knows tomorrow could be the shoes, LOLOL!!

Day 135

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day 133 and 134

Yesterday I stopped at the lake because the fog was hovering over it again, I took some pictures and went on about my day. Sometime around 4 I thought man I need to take my picture of the day. At 6:39pm I thought I have to get going, plus now I really need to get a picture of the day done, maybe a sunset photo. It took forever to get to WP near home and by that time the sun had gone down. Now I have to do a photo of the day without light, argh! So I thought I'll take one of the main street, I parked, got Diego out and then realized OMGosh! I had already taken the photo of the the lake that morning!! What the heck!
Day 133

Sunday, I spotted what I think is a blue heron on a pond around the corner from the house, we were on our way home from the bluebonnets in Ennis, anyway I asked Randy to stop, I snapped a few pictures just as he was flying off. Later that night Randy and I decided to take the boat out and fish a little. We went to Holiday dock, put the boat in and headed out of the no wake zone when there on a pole sticking up out of the water was another blue heron. I took a couple pictures, we were not close and it was nearing sunset, still though I was happy to see it. This morning I was driving out, right before you get to the main road in town I always look to my right at a little pond just before the stop sign, just to see if the cows are around. No cows this morning, instead I saw another blue heron, sitting happy as you please on the ponds edge. I stopped, backed up, rolled down the passenger window and took a few pictures just before he decided to walk out of view. That makes three!
Day 134

 These are from Sunday, above from the lake and below from near the house.

PS: I can't stand it when I forget to spell check, which is most of the darn time!! Seriously I will come back, take a glance and realize either I have dyslexia or I'm typing this while drugged, I don't do drugs so there ya go. Please ignore my spelling, grammar and in general dumb errors spilled freely about my blog!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project 365 - Day 132

From the lobby looking up to the elevator at work, our office is just to the right.
Day 132

Monday, April 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day 129, 130 and 131

Friday I was swamped here at work so I decided I would take a picture at home that night. I stopped to pick up Punkin at WalMart, and while we were there I bought her an Ariel umbrella, which she promptly wanted to play with. It took everything in my power to keep her from opening it in the car. When we got to the house I took her picture admiring Ariel from underneath.
Day 129

Saturday, Punkin and I were alone most of the day, we cleaned and did laundry, watched the movie Tangled. She was sick though, poor baby ran fever and had a couple vomiting moments too. She needed lots of in Gigi's lap cuddling time. While cleaning I noticed that she had written on the glass with crayons, so I gave her the windex and some paper towel.
Day 130

Sunday we went on our yearly bluebonnet drive to Ennis. A friend's Dad has property there and he had a booming crop this year!! We had Rider, Jana, Kimber, me, Randy and Ky, I took loads of pictures. Ky was not in a good mood, still running a fever, she wouldn't go but about a foot away from her Pappy or Daddy. Kimber was adorable, can't wait to see her in them walking next year.
Day 131

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Project 365 - Days 122, 123, 124, 125, 126 and 127

I was sick for about three days and got behind on my posting, however even sick I took pictures, I'm not sure what that says about me though :)

Friday, I completely forgot to get my picture of the day done, it did not occur to me until that night while sitting in bed reading with Punkin that I had not taken a picture!!! not one!!! So I pulled out Diego and took a picture of Punkin reading, poor lighting and she was moving like a buzzing bee!
Day 122

Saturday, one of my husbands cousins daughter brought her daughter over for pictures, while I was taking pictures Rylee and Kyleigh played a little too. I thought this was too cute.

Day 123

Sunday, I had to take pictures of Kimber in a variety of socks for a project for her Mommy and when I was done I drove her around the corner to the bluebonnets for a couple fun pictures in the pretties :)

Day 124

Monday, I was so sick with my sinuses I thought my head was going to pop! Even still, I did manage to take Ky outside for her daily bike ride, she just recently learned how to ride her bike with trainers. It is so fun to watch the little ones learn and grow!! She had to wear her bunny ears too!

Day 125

Tuesday brought real misery with the sinuses, I was so sick, no outside anything Tuesday. This picture was my life :(

Day 126

Wednesday I was feeling better, still coughing and sniffling but better. So we did have some outside time. Ky was wearing a shirt that Jana had given her a while back, now she's big enough for it and I thought it was cute as heck :) I had to get crafty on how to take the picture, I didn't want just a straight on shot, I thought this one turned out pretty cool!

Day 127