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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 365 - Day 141

Ky started daycare for the first time (except maybe a handful of days in her life) yesterday. Her mom called and told me that Ky cried but did ok. I picked Ky up from her mom last night ont he way home from work. Ky told me all about her day, gave me a picture she colored and seemed happy. This morning I got her up, dressed her and myself, loaded up the car, we headed to the daycare to meet her Mommy so that I could see where it is and for them to meet me, I'll be dropping off and picking up on occassion. We pulled into the parking lot and immediately Ky started crying, I want to stay with you Gigi, big tears, breaking my heart. Her mom shows up and same thing Ky crying saying she wants to stay with her, big tears, rip out my heart! We go in, more tears, bigger tears..............I'm talking about me now!! Omgosh! just shoot me ok! She cried all the way to her class, the teacher came out, took Ky straight from her mommy and told us Bye, Bye........Ky is screaming I want Gigi, I want Mommy, big tears, the biggest I have ever seen............I was telling her you're ok, look how much fun you're going to have.............more tears, more crying, we walk up the hall, her mom looks at me and says 'it wasn't that bad'. Ok well yeah, I'm gonna go to the car, head home and drink a bottle of booze because I am spent!! I need bandaids for my heart, I need therapy, I need a big hug, I need to have my heart check because I think I aged 2 years in that 10 minutes!!! My punkin was sooo upset. I know it's a good thing for her, the place is fantastic, I was totally impressed.......................still she was screaming for Gigi, can someone remove that from my memory banks, I can't think, I can't work!! Help Gigi on the edge here!!
Day 141

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  1. I'm so sorry. I know exactly how that is. I've walked a mile in those shoes. Hang in there!
    P.S.- Love the picture!