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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Project 365 - Day 133 and 134

Yesterday I stopped at the lake because the fog was hovering over it again, I took some pictures and went on about my day. Sometime around 4 I thought man I need to take my picture of the day. At 6:39pm I thought I have to get going, plus now I really need to get a picture of the day done, maybe a sunset photo. It took forever to get to WP near home and by that time the sun had gone down. Now I have to do a photo of the day without light, argh! So I thought I'll take one of the main street, I parked, got Diego out and then realized OMGosh! I had already taken the photo of the the lake that morning!! What the heck!
Day 133

Sunday, I spotted what I think is a blue heron on a pond around the corner from the house, we were on our way home from the bluebonnets in Ennis, anyway I asked Randy to stop, I snapped a few pictures just as he was flying off. Later that night Randy and I decided to take the boat out and fish a little. We went to Holiday dock, put the boat in and headed out of the no wake zone when there on a pole sticking up out of the water was another blue heron. I took a couple pictures, we were not close and it was nearing sunset, still though I was happy to see it. This morning I was driving out, right before you get to the main road in town I always look to my right at a little pond just before the stop sign, just to see if the cows are around. No cows this morning, instead I saw another blue heron, sitting happy as you please on the ponds edge. I stopped, backed up, rolled down the passenger window and took a few pictures just before he decided to walk out of view. That makes three!
Day 134

 These are from Sunday, above from the lake and below from near the house.

PS: I can't stand it when I forget to spell check, which is most of the darn time!! Seriously I will come back, take a glance and realize either I have dyslexia or I'm typing this while drugged, I don't do drugs so there ya go. Please ignore my spelling, grammar and in general dumb errors spilled freely about my blog!!

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  1. That first shot is so gorgeous. I must say you live in an amazing place. Oh yeah. One more thing. Lisa, you make me smile! Thank you for your friendship.