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Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 136

Pageant time, so much put into the dress in the month prior only for that 5 minute walk down the carpet in front of the judges. Ky was very, very excited, jumping spinning, 'when is my turn'!! Her turn came, number 13 of 15 girls, she walked out there and didn't smile not once. She was beautiful though. Afterward her mommy told me 'no more pageants' too stressful, I have to say Yea!! I am totally relieved. I think my granddaughter is beautiful, but those pageants aren't really the atmosphere I perfer her to be in. After the pageant, it was just me and punkin, I took a few pictures, this one was my favorite.
Day 136
It was getting dark so I jacked up the ISO, super windy and she moves like a buzzing bee, it turned out good despite that though.

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  1. Such a pretty girl! Great photo. I like the angle it was shot from. :)