Finding the Holiday Joy

Friday, May 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 177

Last night I was at another baseball game, Ky's mom asked if I would take a couple pictures of them together. I said yes, she wanted some little fun ones on the diamond, I got those done and then made her walk out into a field beside the park that I have been eyeing since coming to the first game. I was right, the light and that field are beautiful.
Day 177

I can not wait to take more pictures in this field. I want to get Jana, Rider and the girls plus I have the engagements pictures...........oh the ideas are spinning in my head :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project 365 - Day 174, 175 and 176

I was off work Tuesday and Wednesday, spent the days with Ky and Kimber :) Monday I stopped and took a picture of one of the water towers in WP, there are two that I drive by all the time, this one I liked better because of the light. I love seeing these in little towns.
Day 174

Tuesday night Ky had another baseball game, Jana and Kimber came out to watch with me. Jana about two or three days ago Jana stopped breast feeding and switched to formula, within in 12 hours Kimber had a new habit, I think it's cute don't tell :)
Day 175

I was up until 1 in the morning with all the storms from Tuesday night, scary stuff, as a result I was late getting Ky to daycare Wednesday morning. She was playing the front yard while I loaded the car ;)
Day 176

Monday, May 23, 2011

Project 365 - Day 170, 171, 172 and 173

It's been a little off in the office since the news of Ora's son, Thursday Dr. Choi decided to buy lunch so we could just sit and not worry about to much for a little bit.
Day 170

Storms rolled in on Friday, it got flat out ugly! I was driving into town when the storm sitting right on top of town produced an unofficial tornado, it removed several roofs on main street, thankfully no one was killed, I do think there were some injuries but nothing major. We didn't have electric for hours and hours after that.
Day 171

This is on the way out of town on Saturday morning...
Day 172

Later on Sunday after got home, I let Ky play in the yard, she had a blast with all the roly polies on the wet yard :)
Day 173

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Project 365 - Day 169

Yesterday was a difficult day for our office. A co-worker of more than 10 years called to let us know that her 21 year old son was found dead in his car after being missing for 5 days. Foul play is suspected, it was a detective that came to their home to tell them they had found his body...........think about that, a stranger walks up your walkway and asks if you're the parents of Ryan, yes, I'm detective Joe, we think we have found your son's body.............not your son, but your son's body. I can not even begin to imagine this loss. He has been to many of our office get togethers, he's the same age as my youngest son, he has two younger sisters, he had only just begun...........Storms of things run thru your mind upon hearing this kind of news. My sister's middle child, Chris, was killed in a car wreck in 2000, he was 16! I don't know how my sister deals with it but I can tell you that still to this day I ache for his presence during the holidays. As I drove home I stopped at a church I pass every morning and night, I sat in the parking lot thinking, praying, sorting my thoughts......this has been a difficult week and then this happened pushing my thoughts right over the edge. It was a comfort to stare up at the cross, to know that God has a handle on things, even if I don't, even as my co-worker goes thru an unbelieveable loss...
Day 169

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 167 and 168

Monday night Ky had another baseball game, those kids really do crack me up, although they did play a little more organized this time. Afterward we saw that the rodeo area had horses so we headed over to let the little ones see the horses. Ky loves horses, beyond loves them! I so wish we could get her one but that would not be very practical right now. Maybe when both her and Kimber are older ;)
Day 167

Monday night I had a wild allergic reaction to something, my entire face was swollen, especially my eyes, I mean bad, so bad that when I got up Tuesday morning I couldn't open them, I stayed home all day taking everything I could think of. That night Ky had another game, I was almost afraid to go, didn't want to expose myself to the same spores that got me in this mess in the first place. I walked up there so they would know I was there then got back in my car, watched from there. I took this real quick while I was up there, she was playing first base :)
Day 168

Project 365 - Day 161

Ky had her first baseball game last night, she's on the WP Orange Crush team :) Apparently this is the learning league, they are hilarious, no kidding I laughed so hard watching them. Yesterdays photo is of Ky after hitting the ball, having the helmet spin around over her eyes, finally getting it off her and then running to first base, all the while the pitcher from the other team has picked up the ball, thrown it to first, misses, then two more players proceed to have a tussle over the Ky enough time to get to first base. Seriously it was a hilarious night!
Day 161

Monday, May 16, 2011

I Heart Faces - May Flowers Challenge

I Heart Faces - May Flowers Challenge

Click the above link to be taken to the challenge :)

Click the above link to be taken to their Home Page :)

Project 365 - Day 163, 164, 165 and 166

Something funky happened to my blog on Friday, some of the comments are missing and one picture of missing from a post??!! So I decided not to add my Day 164 on Friday, thought I'd see how it looks today, everything is here but the comments and the one picture :(
Thursday night I picked up Ky, sometimes on the way home we stop to talk to the cows in a pasture near the house. She loves them. This one we managed to catch in mid nose cleaning!! :)

Day 163

Friday I took a picture of the flowers Nick gave me for Mother's Day, they're still looking good too. He's so sweet.
Day 164

Saturday I didn't feel well, I was that way all day. Ky wanted to play outside for a few minutes, so I slapped a flower in her hair and off to the front yard we went. She let me take exactly 5 pictures and then she played for awhile :) Now some of you may thing geez how many pictures do you need of your granddaughter, I always feel the need to explain. While I do think my granddaughters are beautiful, most of the time I am not taking pictures for that reason, it's more of a selfish reason.......I love taking pictures, I do! I love learning about my camera, trying different settings, seeking out delicious light, I love practicing my focus, and Ky is around me alot, often times it's just her and I the whole weekend. So I take pictures of her, I wish I had a bunch of kiddos to photograph, I wish I had Kimber around more, I wish alot of point is most often when I'm taking these pictures I'm not looking at it like I'm taking pictures of my granddaughter, again, I look at it like woohoo!! I'm taking pictures of anything, something, all of it is fun for me and I love people the most. When Rider was younger he let me take pictures of him all the time, seriously, he was always willing..............I can remember one person saying 'you sure do love your son' ok yes I do but I can promise you that's not why I'm out there taking pictures of him most of the time, I enjoy it! It's about me! I love it and I will take any willing candidate I can find.......over and over even!!
Day 165

We tried to go fishing twice yesterday but the wind was blowing so hard, our boat is too little for those waves, especially with Ky in the boat. It was a bummer because Rider, Jana and Kimber were going to come over later to eat fish with us (we naturally assumed we would catch alot:) plus I wanted to take pictures of Kimber. No such lucky. I did manage a picture of a road runner and another bird  but nothing special. So this is from pulling back into the drive way after attempt number two...
Day 166

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day 162

Today it stormed, kinda of fitting considering my mood has been stormy too. No point in talking about it but some days I would love nothing better than to leave.....I can't though, so I am still finding my way thru making my life not soooo..........fill in the blank. Very sorry for this post. Here is the rain from under the pavillion here at work, I lowered the shutter speed so that you could see hard it was raining, worked ok I guess...

Day 162

Blake ~ Senior 2011

Saturday morning I had the pleasure of meeting Blake and his parents for a few pictures. Blake is a very laid back and quiet kinda guy, loves to hunt and be with his dogs. He brought his puppy, Lola, she entertained Ky most of the time :) Here are a few of my  favorites:

Project 365 - Day 161

Ky had her first baseball game last night, she's on the WP Orange Crush team :) Apparently this is the learning league, they are hilarious, no kidding I laughed so hard watching them. Yesterdays photo is of Ky after hitting the ball, having the helmet spin around over her eyes, finally getting it off her and then running to first base, all the while the pitcher from the other team has picked up the ball, thrown it to first, misses, then two more players proceed to have a tussle over the Ky enough time to get to first base. Seriously it was a hilarious night!
Day 161

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project 365 - Day 160

As I was driving home yesterday I couldn't help but notice how awesome the sunset was, the clouds were in all the right places. I pulled over, took pictures and then drove home, as I drove past the dock I saw this.............
Day 160
(and then I thought even better........)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365 - Day 157, 158 and 159

Sunset over the was beautiful!
Day 157

Saturday morning I did a photos on a Senior, Blake, he was so cute and wow! he let me take so many pictures ;) Jana came out to help watch Ky while I was taking pictures, I ended up having her hold the reflector :) Afterward we had to Jana's then out to Mesquite to look for wedding dresses (Rider and Jana are engaged). All those dresses, she looked wonderful in them all but settled on a beautiful gown, wish I could post a picture, take my word for it, Beautiful!! While we were there Ky and K had a moment together, sweetest thing!
Day 158

Mother's day, I was whipped from the day before so I asked Randy if he would take me fishing. We packed up Ky and hit the lake, a little windy but hot too! We caught nine bass!! Two of them were too small, had to toss them back, but we kept 7 all together. Will make a wonderful fish fry :) I got sunburnt, Ky slept for an hour in my lap :) and Randy got to be on the lake.............perfect day all around. When we got home Nick had bought me flowers and a nice card :)

Day 159
(I am fascinated by the wildlife at the lake, it's amazing how many different kinds of birds are out there!)

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Porject 365 - Day 155 and 156

Blink! and I'm behind, oy!
Wednesday morning I had Ky, got her all ready for daycare, packed up and headed out the door, when she spots her Easter goodies from her basket..........must have the lip gloss, have to have the lip gloss, please, I need the lip gloss. A few lip gloss drama minutes later we head out the door...........wait can't get into the car without applying lip gloss, to you too Gigi, please Ky we have to get going, but Gigi please.............with my fresh glossed lips I reached into my car got my camera and took a picture of the must take with us lip gloss!
Day 155

Monday I ordered 8 wall mounted plaques from Shutterfly, 10x14's matte finish, hoping that they will look ok above the fireplace. Tuesday I got an email that they were ready and being shipped, WOW! that's fast. Today they arrived!! I opened the boxes expecting some cute plaques and instead they are amazing! Really I wish I had ordered more! They are so pretty, all of us here were freaking out over how pretty they were. I can not wait to hang these over the fireplace!!
Day 156
Click the above link to see the size and ordering options. You will not be disappointed.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Porject 365 - Day 154

Tiffany, our receptionist, comes in this morning saying I have to show this, then shows me a picture on her phone of a bird that is jammed up in the grill of a car parked in the parking lot. So I go outside and sure enough there sits a pretty white Ford with a pretty and dead birdie trapped in the grill. It's not a little bitty bird, or to me it isn't. I'm pretty sure I would have hear it hit the car, how did they not hear that?? At any rate I made this my photo of the day because it's a mystery....
Day 154

Monday, May 2, 2011

Project 365 - Day 153

Last night right before bed the news stated that President Obama would be making an address to the nation considering National Security. Naturally this was a little scary, it was Sunday night, after nine pm! Finally after almost an hour of the media losing their minds! The President made this annoucement: Our US troops killed Osama Ben Laden! Ten years, it's amazing my feelings about the attack on the US are the same as they were the day it happened, fresh, still there................they got Osama Ben Laden! I'm not a fan of the killing but what other way were we to address this man, a man that has trained his mankind to hate and kill us? I know this is not over, I know there are 30 more men in line to take his place but we got Osama Ben Laden, we got the man that started it! I still have images in my head from watching the news, seeing all those people celebrate the attacks on the US, I know those images will not leave me anytime soon, I remember it! I'm not going to forget it! Today when I got up it was raining a slow steady rain, our tears of happiness of this mans death.

Day 153
(I know it's silly but all day I have been humming:
Ding, dong, the witch is dead, the witch is dead, the wicked-witch is dead.)

Project 365 - Day 150, 151 and 152

Friday I had Kimber again, she was pretty congested and coughing but still so sweet. Little punkin took two good naps but I was still able to take a few pictures before her Mommy came for her.

Day 150

Rider brought Kimber and Julia (Jana's little sister) over Saturday, we made burgers and hot dogs, just had a fun little day :) We spent almost the entire day under a tornado warning/watch, I am getting too weary of worrying about the weather!

Day 151

Sunday was cold, looked like it was going to rain but never did, windy and cloudy, I think when we finally went to bed the temp was 47, no that's cold for Texas in May!! No tornadoes, woohoo!! Uncle Nick played SuperBaby with Ky before it got dark :)

Day 152