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Monday, May 9, 2011

Project 365 - Day 157, 158 and 159

Sunset over the was beautiful!
Day 157

Saturday morning I did a photos on a Senior, Blake, he was so cute and wow! he let me take so many pictures ;) Jana came out to help watch Ky while I was taking pictures, I ended up having her hold the reflector :) Afterward we had to Jana's then out to Mesquite to look for wedding dresses (Rider and Jana are engaged). All those dresses, she looked wonderful in them all but settled on a beautiful gown, wish I could post a picture, take my word for it, Beautiful!! While we were there Ky and K had a moment together, sweetest thing!
Day 158

Mother's day, I was whipped from the day before so I asked Randy if he would take me fishing. We packed up Ky and hit the lake, a little windy but hot too! We caught nine bass!! Two of them were too small, had to toss them back, but we kept 7 all together. Will make a wonderful fish fry :) I got sunburnt, Ky slept for an hour in my lap :) and Randy got to be on the lake.............perfect day all around. When we got home Nick had bought me flowers and a nice card :)

Day 159
(I am fascinated by the wildlife at the lake, it's amazing how many different kinds of birds are out there!)

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  1. Lisa... So glad you had a wonderful Mothers/Gigi day on the lake. Sounds like the fish were just jumping into your boat! And mmm mm good fish fry! That should be day 160! :)