Finding the Holiday Joy

Monday, May 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day 163, 164, 165 and 166

Something funky happened to my blog on Friday, some of the comments are missing and one picture of missing from a post??!! So I decided not to add my Day 164 on Friday, thought I'd see how it looks today, everything is here but the comments and the one picture :(
Thursday night I picked up Ky, sometimes on the way home we stop to talk to the cows in a pasture near the house. She loves them. This one we managed to catch in mid nose cleaning!! :)

Day 163

Friday I took a picture of the flowers Nick gave me for Mother's Day, they're still looking good too. He's so sweet.
Day 164

Saturday I didn't feel well, I was that way all day. Ky wanted to play outside for a few minutes, so I slapped a flower in her hair and off to the front yard we went. She let me take exactly 5 pictures and then she played for awhile :) Now some of you may thing geez how many pictures do you need of your granddaughter, I always feel the need to explain. While I do think my granddaughters are beautiful, most of the time I am not taking pictures for that reason, it's more of a selfish reason.......I love taking pictures, I do! I love learning about my camera, trying different settings, seeking out delicious light, I love practicing my focus, and Ky is around me alot, often times it's just her and I the whole weekend. So I take pictures of her, I wish I had a bunch of kiddos to photograph, I wish I had Kimber around more, I wish alot of point is most often when I'm taking these pictures I'm not looking at it like I'm taking pictures of my granddaughter, again, I look at it like woohoo!! I'm taking pictures of anything, something, all of it is fun for me and I love people the most. When Rider was younger he let me take pictures of him all the time, seriously, he was always willing..............I can remember one person saying 'you sure do love your son' ok yes I do but I can promise you that's not why I'm out there taking pictures of him most of the time, I enjoy it! It's about me! I love it and I will take any willing candidate I can find.......over and over even!!
Day 165

We tried to go fishing twice yesterday but the wind was blowing so hard, our boat is too little for those waves, especially with Ky in the boat. It was a bummer because Rider, Jana and Kimber were going to come over later to eat fish with us (we naturally assumed we would catch alot:) plus I wanted to take pictures of Kimber. No such lucky. I did manage a picture of a road runner and another bird  but nothing special. So this is from pulling back into the drive way after attempt number two...
Day 166


  1. Your photos are simply gorgeous! Hope you don't mind if I become a follower!! I look forward to seeing all your photos.

  2. I just love your processing on the second to last one. You do such a wonderful job with these soft, vintagey tones. Do you used Elements? (Have I asked you that before? LOL. I probably have.)
    The last photos is just too cute!

  3. That picture of Ky is absolutely fantastic! I love that you love to take pictures Lisa, and if it makes you happy you should do it. You are capturing wonderful memories of your family and they will cherish them forever. Besides that, I love looking at them!

  4. I so get it Lisa! I take tons (one million times 200 thousand) pictures of the C man! Some of it is because he is so stinky cute....BUT because I just love snapping and getting the angle and the light and whatever else. So keep snapping! PS. I too lost a post and some pictures. I noticed blogger was temp down a few days back and when it came back on line, I had lost my most recent post.