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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Porject 365 - Day 155 and 156

Blink! and I'm behind, oy!
Wednesday morning I had Ky, got her all ready for daycare, packed up and headed out the door, when she spots her Easter goodies from her basket..........must have the lip gloss, have to have the lip gloss, please, I need the lip gloss. A few lip gloss drama minutes later we head out the door...........wait can't get into the car without applying lip gloss, to you too Gigi, please Ky we have to get going, but Gigi please.............with my fresh glossed lips I reached into my car got my camera and took a picture of the must take with us lip gloss!
Day 155

Monday I ordered 8 wall mounted plaques from Shutterfly, 10x14's matte finish, hoping that they will look ok above the fireplace. Tuesday I got an email that they were ready and being shipped, WOW! that's fast. Today they arrived!! I opened the boxes expecting some cute plaques and instead they are amazing! Really I wish I had ordered more! They are so pretty, all of us here were freaking out over how pretty they were. I can not wait to hang these over the fireplace!!
Day 156
Click the above link to see the size and ordering options. You will not be disappointed.

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