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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 161

Ky had her first baseball game last night, she's on the WP Orange Crush team :) Apparently this is the learning league, they are hilarious, no kidding I laughed so hard watching them. Yesterdays photo is of Ky after hitting the ball, having the helmet spin around over her eyes, finally getting it off her and then running to first base, all the while the pitcher from the other team has picked up the ball, thrown it to first, misses, then two more players proceed to have a tussle over the Ky enough time to get to first base. Seriously it was a hilarious night!
Day 161

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  1. Ha! That is so sweet, and I love that she stuck with it and beat those silly kids fighting over the ball. Enjoy every single minute of watching her. Those moments are so precious and you are doing a beautiful job of capturing them for the both of you. She just couldn't be anymore beautiful. I love it Lisa!