Finding the Holiday Joy

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Project 365 - Day 148 and 149

Yesterday I got to watch Kimber for most of the day, she was the sweetest punkin. She played and cooed most of the day, even played with an empty Whooper box for about 30 minutes, loved it! We watched some tv, jumped in the jumper and then went outside for some pictures. She loves it outside, smiles the minute she gets out there. It was fun to be with her!
Day 148

Got to work this morning and if it's possible the tulips are looking even more incredible than they did on Monday and Tuesday! Another tulip photo.....
Day 149


  1. Beautiful photos, Lisa! And Kimber is just the sweetest, cutest thing!


  2. Look at that sweet smiling girl :) So cute. I like the flower in her hair too. And look at those arm rolls - I miss the cute baby arm and leg rolls.
    I really like the texture on the tulip photo.
    Thank you for the kind words on my post. I am guilty of forgetting that people are busy with living their lives and might not have a lot of time to catchup on blogs. (In fact, I should probably spend more time doing things besides look at blogs... I tend to get caught-up in it all.)
    I do appreciate all of your comments though! :)
    Thanks for the info about your processing. I need to just take the leap and buy Elements. I have seen all of those wonderful actions and they look so fun to play around with.
    Hope you are having a great week! And so glad you got to watch your Little Punkin yesterday.
    Hugs - A

  3. Kimber is such a sweetie. You are one lucky lady to have her in your life!