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Monday, April 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day 129, 130 and 131

Friday I was swamped here at work so I decided I would take a picture at home that night. I stopped to pick up Punkin at WalMart, and while we were there I bought her an Ariel umbrella, which she promptly wanted to play with. It took everything in my power to keep her from opening it in the car. When we got to the house I took her picture admiring Ariel from underneath.
Day 129

Saturday, Punkin and I were alone most of the day, we cleaned and did laundry, watched the movie Tangled. She was sick though, poor baby ran fever and had a couple vomiting moments too. She needed lots of in Gigi's lap cuddling time. While cleaning I noticed that she had written on the glass with crayons, so I gave her the windex and some paper towel.
Day 130

Sunday we went on our yearly bluebonnet drive to Ennis. A friend's Dad has property there and he had a booming crop this year!! We had Rider, Jana, Kimber, me, Randy and Ky, I took loads of pictures. Ky was not in a good mood, still running a fever, she wouldn't go but about a foot away from her Pappy or Daddy. Kimber was adorable, can't wait to see her in them walking next year.
Day 131

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  1. Ok.
    1. I love the umbrella. She is such a sweetie.
    2. I'm sorry she was sick, although cuddle time during illness is always one of my favorite things.
    3. I just want to squeeze little Kimber. I love her little tongue helping her reach the blue bonnets and that necklace and hat? Ugh. She is so stinking cute!