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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day 135

Ky is going to be in the Little Miss Bluebird pageant Friday night, but the dress saga has been going on for far longer! Her mom asked me to get the dress, I love buying the girls little pretty dresses normally, however the pageant thing is so stressful. The dress has to be this or that, gotta be perfect! So I shopped online about a month ago, decided on a budget, modest (trust me), then ordered a pretty little dress, very pretty. I ordered shoes at the same time. The shoes came in right away! The dress took another week, it was not at all what it was supposed to be, pretty but not going to work for what we needed. I decided to make the pretty little dress her Easter dress and try to find something new, 2 weeks to go. I found a dress ordered it, and the more I thought about this dress the better I liked it right up until last Tuesday when I got the email stating that dress is discontinued. Ugh! Is this really happening, more importantly, is this really neccessary?? Ok I get back online and get confused beyond words, dresses are spinning thru my head! I called the place about the order, she says see if you can find one and I'll tell you if it's in stock. I found another dress, Tiffany says that's great it's in stock, I'll post everything now and it will leave here in the morning. Monday comes, no dress! I call Tiffany, please you have to help me! she checks and some how the order had been canceled. She assures me she has taken care of reposting it, they will over night it and I will have it by Wednesday. Wednesday comes and no dress :( I called again, they jumped on it, really this girl got it done because today I got the dress!! It's pretty too, prettier than I had thought it woudl be. I felt that so much had happened regarding this dress that it only made sense to make it the photo of the day...............who knows tomorrow could be the shoes, LOLOL!!

Day 135

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  1. She will be darling as usual. Precious little lady!