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Monday, April 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 137 and 138

The crowning for the Miss Bluebird pageant was Saturday at the festival, Ky got runner up and a little trophy, that was good enough for her :) She was over it in a second, wanting some of that blue stuff the other kids were eating (cotton candy:). We walked around the festival, ate some of the best fruit ever! and then headed over to the rides. Ky is very adventurous, nothing scares her, I have to say that is definitely a trait she inherited from her dad (I hope that she doesn't inherit the scars and bruises too). She wanted to ride everything out there, mainly the really big ones that all the big kids were riding. She wasn't tall enough for any of the rides but none of the workers cared, if she wanted on it they let her, in fact it was me that insisted that her mom ride some of them because there was no way she was getting on by herself with me around. You could hear her squealing and laughing all over the festival, really that baby had a blast!!
Day 137

Sunday Ky went fishing with Randy and her Daddy, Jana and Kimber, not enough room for me in the boat so I stayed home :( When she got home she had a tiny scratch on a toe but she was bleeding like someone loped off a toe, we cleaned it up and put a SpongeBob bandaid on it................magic, all better :)
Day 138

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  1. Love her band-aid, but most of all her sweet smile!