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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project 365 - Day 178, 179, 180, 181 and 182

Wow Memorial day weekend got me all kinds of behind!! Here goes:
Friday I left work early to pick up Ky, she was at work with her Mom..........I don't have to tell you that wasn't going well :) I was beat when I got home so I took a picture of the book I've been reading in recently.
Day 178

Saturday it was just me and Ky all day, we went out for dinner and I stopped for a sunset photo at the ball field, it was so pretty.
Day 179

Sunday was busier, at 6pm I headed out to do the bridal session, her name is Kris. She was so pretty and nice, I loved taking her pictures. The property we did it on was gorgeous!! I can't wait to photograph the wedding on the 12th. Wish I could post some of the pictures but no one has seen the dress so we have to keep it on the downlow for now :)
Day 180
I didn't have Kyleigh on Monday but I did end up going to Jana's, got to see Kimber :) We drove out to the facility for the wedding, did the tour and absolutely loved the place!! It's perfect for what they are wanting!
Day 181

Tuesday after work I headed to Ky's baseball game only to arrive and find her sunburnt, she was ruby! It was our night with her so I took her home and doctored her all night. Poor baby did not feel good this morning when I dropped her off at school. I just wanted to take her home and cuddle her til she was all better. While get intot he car Tuesday night I spotted her waving at her reflection in a big ol shiny bumper.
Day 182

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