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Monday, June 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 205, 206, 207 and 208

Just realized I didn't post Day 205 before I left on Friday, flowers from the front porch Thursday night :)
Day 205

Friday Randy brought the chainsaw home and started cutting up that cedar that fell Wednesday morning. It smelled so good while he was cutting it, I liked this limb the most, it has such a pretty red center, smelled so good.

Day 206

Saturday I got to sleep in but had to take Ky to her mom for a birthday party at 4, then ran to see Kimber, then back to the party to pick Ky up again and then home, I was beat. Earlier that day I had asked on my FB page what I should photograph that day. Marvett said something that reflects how I I thought about it and took this image. My bedroom is one of my favorite places, it has great light and all the colors of the ocean, I love it in there when things are quiet around the house. The little round bank speaks to me ~dreams come true~ that means loads to me lately. I love thinking about the ocean, feeling those colors around me, thinking about the possibilities the future holds because I don't know if you know but..................dreams come true......
Day 207

I wrote about a co worker that recently lost a 22 year old son, she also has two daughters, before her sons death we had planned on taking pictures of their family, she hadn't had a family photo in years. I wasn't sure how she would feel about doing it now, but she came to me and said you know I talked to the girls and they want to go ahead and do it. So on Sunday I met up with Hannah and Holly for pictures, sisters, 20 and 15, beautiful red hair!!! They were too fun for me to photograph. Naturally they had to be Sunday's photo of the day :)
Day 208

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