Finding the Holiday Joy

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Project 365 - Day 202, 203 and 204

First, I want anyone that reads this to know that I can't get my Goggle acct to recognize my email or name anymore! I haven't been able to visit a blog in forever! I am working on getting it corrected if they can. Frustrating, I have tried to leave comments and it will not let me!! Amazingly I am able to post pictures and blog posts on my blog, I think that's weird, why shouldn't I have to log in to update my blog, hmmmmm.

I feel like my pictures of late have been uninspired :( I'm working on it though.

I heard on the news that storms were expected for Tuesday and Wednesday but by the time I left work on Monday the skies were clouding over, the temps downed some too. It did rain alittle that night but most of it came the next morning. These are the cloulds that followed me home Monday.
Day 202

Tuesday it rained all the way to work but about 10am it was the same ol blazing hot and bright, bright outside. I took this picture because I carry my camera everywhere I go, I got to thinking how much a part of my life Diego, my camera, has become so I thought I would show you his home as he travels with me :)

Day 203

More storms rolled in during the night on Tuesday, but around 3am Wednesday morning we heard a loud noise outside, checked it out and the storms had destroyed two trees in the side yard, worse one of them landed on the all over the drive and cars. No damage thank goodness. This angle shows the limbs where they just snapped off the tree.
Day 204


  1. I like the dark clouds in the first photo. (I have a thing for dark, moody clouds since we usually just get boring overcast skies around here.) I love that you call your camera, Diego! Too cute. I've been feeling the lack of inspiration as well...

  2. Lisa... Loving your posts. I have been having the same issues with my blog. Just last week, my blog was gone!! It said was removed!! I freaked. Then after digging, discovered 'they' took it off line due to questionable activity. Thought maybe someone hacked my account so i changed my password!! Ugh. Anyway... keep the posts coming; love reading them!