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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Project 365 - Day 196 and 197

I know I have been taking sunset photos alot lately but doing the summer is just about the only time I can catch one after work, most of the time the sun has set long before I go out to the car. I this one was weird because the sun almost looks like an eye, creepy.
Day 196

My husband does paint and body for a living and on occassion he comes across some real deals with cars that have been wrecked. Once about 9 years ago he got a Camry for 300 dollars, he put about 200 dollars of repairs in it and I drove it for 2 years. I put over 150,000 more miles on it, then when I bought the Jetta I have now, we sold that Camry for 3000 dollars. For real it was a great car. My Jetta is a wonderful car too, I have put 259,000 miles on it, it has driven like a champ. I know it won't do that forever so we have started talking about another car for me. So Randy calls me the other day and says he's found an Infinity J30 that he thinks will be great, he drove it home last night. I love it!! It has an awesome interior and looks great, just needs the 800 dollars worth of fender damage repaired. He has bought the car for 800 dollars, he'll do 800 dollars in repairs and then she's all mine. I sure hope I have the same good luck I've had with the Camry and Jetta in this Infinity. I am not ready to get rid of the Jetta yet :), she'll have to hang around a little while before I'll consent to sell her. I hope to be in the newer car in about a month :)

Day 197

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