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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Project 365 - Day 212

It's hot, hot and dry, dry here in Texas, with no signs of letting up anytime soon, triple digits every day. A couple weeks before the 4th of July most of the counties in Texas issued a Burn Ban. No fireworks at the house this year :(
Day 212

Friday, July 1st!!!! I can hardly believe it's July, blazing hot outside to remind me though. I picked up Ky, she had just got home when her Daddy and Pappy pulled up. Very excited she ran outside before I could get her Penny the Pig away from her. It's a Scensy product, has that little smell good pouch inside it. I think that Peggy is getting the lamb one for Kimber :) Too cute. I can not wait to see that baby walking............ohhhh the pictures ;)
Day 213

We were invited to go watch fireworks by Rider and Jana, her brother was helping with a fire department fireworks show. It was nice, hot as heck but the fireworks were too fun. I didn't put my camera on a tripod or mess with all the settings, I hand held it, jacked around with the exposure comp and clicked away. Some were good and some weren't, this one is far from perfect but for some reason I really like it, all the color and smoke appeals to me ;)
Day 214
Sunday we went fishing, got up early and took the boat out to Lake Tawakoni. Really hot but it was fun and we caught 5 big ol catfish!! Betcha can't guess what we had for dinner??
Day 215
Happy 4th of July!! It was a super hot but quiet day for us. I had originally wanted to take pictures of the flags on the porch for my photo of the day but no matter the angle or how I shot it, it just wasn't making me happy. I looked down off the porch and got this instead. What's really weird is the pictures I took of the flags with my iPhone were great, I used some apps on them and really I loved them. Go figure.
Day 216

(hope everyone had a safe and wonderful 4th of July weekend)

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