Finding the Holiday Joy

Monday, July 11, 2011

Project 365 - Day 220, 221 and 222

Friday I got home and was outside letting Ky play some, when Hank came out and wanted to play too. Every time I went to take his picture he would flip over, and look at me upside down.
Day 220
We went fishing, again, Randy goes every day almost, anyway it was hot as blazes! but the sunset and sky were beautiful. I took a picture of my pole, I only caught one fish all night.
Day 221
Kimber came for a visit Sunday night, she is growing and so pretty!! You should see how active she has gotten, wants to walk and crawls everywhere. We took her outside for a picture, we got her to stand all by herself!! Little punkin is tooo cute!!
Day 222
(yes she is Gigi's princess:)


  1. How totally adorable! Look at that shirt!!! Hugs to you!!!!