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Friday, July 8, 2011

Project 365 - Day 217, 218 and 219

This picture of Randy is awful, I blurred his nose, should have checked my aperture and backed off a little but since this was the only picture I took that night it will have to be the photo of the day.
Day 217
I got sick as a dog on Wednesday, seriously I haven't thrown up like that in years and years! Ky and Meagan had it the weekend before and I guess I signed up for it some where along the line. Later in the afternoon I got up and took this picture of a little bunny I found in my camera bag, which means that Ky had been in my camera bag looking for gum :)
Day 218
Randy went fishing with a bunch of friends last night and came home with this whooper :)
Day 219
(in my defense I took this picture late, late and refused to use my flash so the focus is soft but I think you get the idea, it was a big ol fish :)

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  1. Look at that cute little bunny. It must have been fun to find in your bag. :) Sorry to hear you were so sick. I was sick like that January of 2010 and thought I was seriously gonna die. So, SO awful as an adult.