Finding the Holiday Joy

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ok, for months now I have not been able to either log in or leave comments on other blogs, Goggle will not let me! I can log in to this blog now but I am still unable to comment on pictures or anything on my favorite blogs, grrr. I am working on it, I have been emailing the powers that be but they perfer to refer me to FAQ's sheets, hello if that helped this problem would have been solved long ago!
In the time that I have been locked out I have been learning alot about editing, studying and talking pictures professionally. I have to say that sometimes I get a little discouraged because I'm no Jasmine Star or Andee from Crave, I am currently loving Jean Smith Photography, literally I don't know whether to be inspired by her work or cry because I haven't achieved that kind of work yet. The again who am I??? Maybe I am asking too much of myself....or not. I know in my heart I can do beautiful things with pictures, I can see it when I take pictures :) Sorry for the ranting.

I've decided to use this blog as a way to talk it out so to speak. Plus pictures and random things, maybe no one will care and maybe they will...............I can live with that!

Something you should know about me before continuing - I hardly ever proof read, as in you will find spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes and mental mistakes and well just mistakes. And unlike posts that I read all the time about how it's irresponsible not to or it's because I'm an uneducated boob or I think I'm busier than anyone's mainly because I don't wanna, so there you have! I also over use the exclaimation point as well!!!! I like to think it's because I'm passionate :)

Recent train I have jumped on - Pinterest!! OMGosh! I love it!! and someday when I win the lottery I will have a list already from what I need because I have a board for it. My friend Stacey introduced me to it a while back but it wasn't until recently when I was on a trip to KC with her that I discovered she was doing it on her phone! I immediately accused her of holding out. I am all things about my iPhone and if I had know they had an app well I would have been pinteresting long ago!! I told her she was holding out and I called her a tramp (term of affection from me:) She totally denied it though.


Been on this train awhile now - Instagram! Loove! I have seen so many great, great pictures on there, mostly taken with the iPhone (mine are all iPhone unless I write on it differently, I think I have about 5 non iPhone pictures out of almost a thousand on there. Don't get me started on camera editing apps......30 and counting.

Better run, have a great day. ~Lisa

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