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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Project 365 - Day 65

Made it to work today to find that we have no heat, this is the second time in below freezing weather we've had no heat. I have to tell you that I was flat out mad, mainly because when we called the maintance guy, Roger, he didn't seem to think working in an office with patients in our coats, scarves and gloves was a big problem. He kept saying 'well I'm probably going to have to order some parts'. At noon, my hand were frzozen!, I called the main office and told them I was shutting our office down. I sent everyone home and called Roger, you've got until tomorrow to fix the heat or provide heating......I don't care about anything else, don't tell me why, don't explain it, I don't care! The complete lack of concern for our patients and staff has me as mad as I can get!! They have agreed to 'work on it'.
I am sitting in my office, finished eating lunch, have about 15 calls to make and 4 surgeries to get paperwork done on and then I am leaving as well. In honor of my frigid day here is Day 65.

Day 65

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