Finding the Holiday Joy

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Project 365 - Day 89

Princess Mermaid Melody wanted to sing outside and we did :)

After looking thru all the pictures from Sunday I have changed my mind on the photo of the day. I love the photo above but it wasn't making me just for joy, I will work on this shot again in brighter weather. Later in the afternoon Punkin put on three dresses, her bathing suit bottoms and her Pappy's readers then road her like bike all over the porch. I asked for a picture and this is what I got :) Because it rained, my service goes out in the rain, I wasn't able to get on and check these photos out until this morning. The moment I saw this photo I thought This is the photo of the day!!

Day 89
(sorry for the confusion, I have been arguing with myself over changing my mind because I don't want to seem wishy washy but seeing that this is Day 89 and I haven't done this before I felt it was ok, besides it's my Project 365, I guess if it's hurting anyone it's me and I can totally live with that :)


  1. These are great...did you lay down to get the shot of the swing!?
    Her stylish glasses shot is super cute! :0)

  2. Love this shot! Alyssa wants to come see her little friend!

    You do such great work with your 50!