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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Project 365 - Day 77

At 4:00pm I got up from my desk, annouced that I was taking a walk for a few minutes. I went outside, the first thing I noticed is it is beautiful outside, I love the wind and there's a great breeze blowing, plus you can hear the birds chirping all over. I walked down into the garden area, it's so pretty in there, I can hardly wait to see it in the spring. Loads of birdies but no squirrels this time. I did walk up on three teenagers, looking a little suspicious in my opinion. I walked passed them and found a birds nest, wish it had been low enough to see down into, it was just at the top of my head. I parked myself on a bench, just sat there feeling the breeze, listening. It was nice. Then I got back to my pondering, what would I photograph today, the nest? the three teens? the birdies? Wait! I have an idea. Here Is Day 77, my perch for about 10 minutes :)

Day 77

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