Finding the Holiday Joy

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


In preparation for the coming days weather I got in a hurry and forgot to post my Day 62 here yesterday. I will post it tomorrow when I have access to the original. The ice storm hit Dallas in full fashion and I am at home today, snow is fun, ice isn't!! Supposed to be in the single digits tomorrow, record cold temps. I love winter but I don't like all the dangerous things that happen during times like this. I get a little down because most people know how much I love winter and that's when I start getting the this what you wanted, I hate winter and you're crazy for liking it, how could anyone like this................. For the record I don't like bad things, I just enjoy cooler weather (there is a difference ya know). Maybe when it's 115 degrees out side I should ask the summer lovers 'hey hope you're happy', but I won't because I know that those kind of temps aren't what they are refering to when they say I love summer. Just sayin....

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  1. Love day 61 below. What a sweet face, and such a great angle and focus to shoot from. My niece lives in TX too, and is home due to the ice storm as well. Be safe my friend!