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Monday, February 14, 2011

Project 365 - Day 75

Sunday Randys folks came for a visit, they wanted to take Randy and I out to eat for our birthdays. Rider, Jana and Kimber came too. The whole family together, doesn't happen often these days. After hanging out at the house for a while, it was so beautiful outside, a cool breeze and sun, beautiful!! I took some pictures and then we headed to eat. Cole Mountain, a good ol mom and pa joint in Terrell, it was good eats too. I had chicken fried steak, yummo! and they gave us cheesecake for our birthdays, very good. I was stuffed!! Here is a picture from goofing outside, it's not a great photo but something about it pulls me in everytime I look at it, it's of Rider sitting in the boat, Kyleigh loves to pretend fish, Randy handed Kimber to Rider and they just looked so good together. Rider and his girls. The photo makes me think of those old photos mom has, all those snap shots of us fishing with Popa and his boats. Here is Day 75.
Day 75

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  1. Oh the light in her hair! I want to touch it! Sweet image Lisa. I love, love their little boots. We have some of those at our house too!