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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day 79

The gals at work gave me a birthday lunch early because I was going to be out of town tomorrow and Monday. Very nice of them. There was cake and gifties!! cards too!! Lana sent me a present over by courier, it was the movie My Blueberry Nights :) A week or so ago I was flipping thru the channels, one of the rare times that I actually had the remote control, and I saw this movie title My Blueberry Nights. I clicked on it and there looking gorgeous was Jude Law!! I love Jude Law! Love! I have a picture of him framed and in my office, I have been asked by people not familiar with Jude, if that's my husband, LOL! I always answer the same, I smile real big and say yes. This movie was so good, I texted Lana saying Hey, I'm watching a little movie called My Blueberry Nights with Jude Law and it's good. She texted back Me too!!! Too fun! So we watched, then the next day we talked about it too, we are diehard Cold Mountain fans, Jude was fantastic in that movie, it was the beginning of our affair, LOLOL!! What a great birthday present, I fully plan on watching it tonight as I pack and get ready for my trip. I know this picture isn't the greatest, work was busy, I was getting things ready for while I was gone and just couldn't think of anything but work...............and Jude :) Here is Day 79.

Day 79

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  1. Are you kidding me this is the coolest bday present photo ever!!!! I'm so happy you had fun and got such thoughtful gifts and cards! You deserve to be treated like royalty! Wish I could of been there to give you a big bday hug and to celebrate your special day with you! Sending lots of cyber hugs and love your way! XOXOXO