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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365 - Day 56

Yesterday before leaving to go home I noticed at the bottom right corner by the time on my computer was a tiny little picture of the hard drive with a little yellow caution sign with an exclamation point flashing on I rolled my cursor over it 'the hard drive system may fail' pops up, yikes! I immediately moved everything to the external hard drive, I mean everything I could think of got moved. Today I called corporate and asked what to do, they instantly asked 'do you have everything saved?',  I said yes, he said pat yourself on the back because most people aren't that lucky. Whew!! Apparently a defect in the hard drive has caused, now, a crash so corporate will be handling the repairs. I am working on the ol laptop, slow but it's working :) In honor of the near miss here is Day 56, my ol faithful.

Day 56

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