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Monday, January 17, 2011

Project 365 - Day 48

About 15 years ago I stopped at an estate sale close to the house, it had all the usual older things but I spotted these cameras. I bought them just because they called to me but I had no idea why. For years I used them as decoration but when we moved to East Texas I packed them away and didn't pull them out again. Over the weekend I was reading a camera book and thought 'Hey, I've got some old cameras somewhere'. I found them packed away in a dresser in my room, they were the kind of thing that I wouldn't get rid of but I hadn't quite figured out what I wanted them I know. I wanted to know more about them so I looked online: the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye with Flash, introduced in May 1949, discontinued in July 1961, Cost was 5 bucks, 7 bucks with the flash. Kodak Duaflex Camera / Kodet Lens, introduced in the US December 1949, discontinued in 1955, Cost was around 12 bucks,(it has printed on the top that it uses Kodak film 620), it had alot of accessories.
I am sure to learn more about them, even if I never use them I am very happy to have them and day dream about the vacations they may have been on, or the people they have seen. Here is Day 48.

Day 48

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