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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Project 365 - Day 54

Today I took Diego outside looking for the photo of the day, even Ky came with us (she didn't want her picture taken though). I took pictures of trees and things I hadn't noticed before about the trees in the backyard, which reminds me I need to ask Randy what that big ol vine is. So for the second day in a row as I was walking in Hank (the cat) was sitting in the door way wondering what I was up too. I took pictures of him real quick yesterday because his eyes were glowing in the light from the door, so today I asked Nick to pick him up, hold him next to the open door so I could take pictures. This is the first photo, I'm not sure but I think Hank is mocking me.....mmmmmmmmmm. Here is Day 54.

Day 54

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  1. What beautiful eyes! I love seeing what you see every day. ;)