Finding the Holiday Joy

Monday, January 24, 2011

Project 365 - Day 55

On Sundays when I take Ky back to her Mom we have to pack a few things for the short ride there, lately she has been in love with her Flickas. Last night we took Katie's horse Flicka and the two baby Flickas with us. When she gets out of the car I promise that her Flickas will be ok and waiting for her on Friday when Gigi comes back. I always get a little down after dropping her off, it's so quiet in the car. This morning I open the passenger door to put my things in the seat and there to greet me were her Flickas, I stopped and smiled thinking how great it was that the Flickas could comfort me until I see Ky again. Here is Day 55.

Day 55


  1. Love it Gigi... and take care of those Flickas!! Too funny, Colby does the exact same thing with his toys at my parents house. Grandma has to promise to watch over and make sure they are safe until his next visit.

  2. Lisa, when Hannah leaves and I put here little figures of Woody and Buzth...Buzz Lightyear, away, it makes me smile too!