Finding the Holiday Joy

Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365 - Day 40 and Day 41

Eastern Texas doesn't get snow that often but this weekend we got a big ol snow storm. It was awesome, well awesome from my standpoint :) I loooove the snow!! It was heavy and wet, wet but still too fun for me and taking pictures. I took pictures of Kyleigh and her second snow, Kimber and her first snow and then all the trees :) I'm so irritated with myself, the Ky and K pictures are a tick over exposed, grrrrr!!! So I used scenery for days 40 and 41.

Day 40
(this was in my front yard while it was still snowing :)

Day 41
(this is the same tree the hawk was in on Day 35 )


  1. Lisa! WOW! Awesome photography! You are so becoming one hell of a photographer! Love these images. What texture did you use on the background... love it!