Finding the Holiday Joy

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

For Toni and Marina :)

Toni and her daughter, Marina went on a cruise this past December while they were there Toni used her brand new Nikon named Destiny to take this picture of Marina. They were kind enough to let me play with some of them, this was my favorite :)



  1. How great is this?! I love the quote underneath too!

  2. Thanks so much Lisa! You are so sweet, kind, thoughtful, amazing, talented, funny, silly, & special! I love this and all the photos you post processed for me! I made some mugs and a 8x10 with the ones you edited! I have been meaning to take a photo to see how cool they came out. I know you seen it when I posted it on facebook from the Shutterfly site but I want to do something fun with the mugs and snap away! Sorry I haven't been here in so long I'm just exploring and excited to be able to comment now since I figured out how to signed up today! LOL! :)