Finding the Holiday Joy

Monday, January 3, 2011

Project 365 - Day 33

While I was outside getting something from my car yesterday I spotted this plant. Randy bought this Hyacinth for me last year, it's just been sitting out side under the table that holds all the old pots and hanging baskets. Right there in all that brown was this little shot of green. Today I will look up what to do to keep it safe, last year it smelled wonderful, it would be fun to have it bloom like that again (I'm not a green thumber, that's my husband, but I promise to try with this surprise sprout). Here is Day 33.

Day 33


  1. Love this! I would love to do a 365, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have the time to get them loaded etc..., instead I'm thinking of doing a 52 project. One per week. You have inspired me!

  2. How fun to find a little green sprout. Take photos of its progress. I love this find!
    You are doing so well with keeping up with your 365 day challenge. Is it hard to pick just one? I bet you did panick when you couldn't upload photos at home. I'm still mad about my cad, but oh well.