Finding the Holiday Joy

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Project 365 - Day 25

We celebrated Christmas morning with Kyleigh, she's so sweet, dropped her off at her mom's by 8 and got her back by noon. Then we loaded up, all of us and headed to Randy's parents house. Peggy (my mother in law) always has a very lite tree and I was looking forward to taking pictures of it. We got there about 6pm, ate dinner and unwrapped presents. Everyone was thrilled to get to see Kimber and Kyleigh :) I was taking pictures of her tree when I noticed a couple handmade stitched ornaments, she says those are from her favorite Aunt Ruth (Aunt Ruth died years and years ago, at least 15 years, maybe more). I had never noticed them before but found them to be so pretty. In honor of my mother in law's favorite Aunt Ruth here is Day 25.

Day 25

(I did warn every one that because it's Christmas I probably would be taking alot of pictures of the tree :)

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