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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project 365 - Day 23

I bought my Canon 7D in April this year, after I got him I decided he needed a name because anything that expensive should have a name and become part of the family :) In March I had gone to San Diego with friends, it was a wonderful trip, I was still thinking of my San Diego days when I had the thought 'Canon 7D, D as in Diego' and just like that Diego came to be. I have called him Diego ever since, most people stop me to ask 'you named your camera?' and my stock answer is yep I did. My Goober friends call him by his name, he's met many of them and Diego has inpired many to name their own cameras! Today i received a wonderful gift in the mail, so in honor of Diego here is Day 23. Diego says Thanks!! I love it!!

Day 23

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  1. LOVE this Lisa!! Diego and you work magic together!