Finding the Holiday Joy

Friday, December 10, 2010

Project 365 - Day 10

This year was the 30th anniversary of John Lennon's death. I can hardly believe that because I was in high school when it happened, and frankly thinking my high school years was 30 years ago just isn't right I tell ya!!! That aside, I am, and was a big Beatles fan. I loooove them!! I had loads of LP's (remember those??), now I have a bunch of their CD's. I always felt like I was born too late, seems odd to say that because I so love the digital age, but what I mean is that I connected with the Beatles, they really were great. Just like Elvis!! (here's a tid bit some of you that are new to me may not know, when I was little I told people that Elvis was my real dad and I was going to grow up to marry Dean Martin:) So here in honor of John Lennon and the Beatles is Day 10, Lana gave me this poster, it hangs in my office, I think it awesome!

Day 10


  1. The Beatles are timeless Lisa, my friend and I used to listen to them when we were in HS and although I don't own any of their albums I still like to sing along to their songs when i hear them on the radio! Who doesn't love the Beatles!!!!
    Thanks for sharing. Natalie B

  2. LOVE this poster and the story you told. I remember where I was the day John Lennon died. I was in school - 7th or 8th grade I'm guessing and I don't know if it came over the loud speaker or what but one of the girls just broke down in hysterical crying. It was awful. I liked their music then and love it now. They are timeeless. Gosh, I can't believe its been 30 years. He is a legend and I always knew Elvis was your dad!!