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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project 365 - Day 18

Today I spent most of my day keeping Kyleigh out of the Christmas tree, she has taken at least 20 ornaments on and off, on and off. The ornaments I gave her to play with, she can put them on and off the tree whenever she thanks Gigi, I want the ones that you don't want me to touch. She's broken some and bent some, she's gotten in trouble about 15 times for just looking like she was going after the tree. She turns the tree lights on and off, finds something to stand on and goes for the ornaments she couldn't reach from the floor. She has pushed every button on every ornament she can reach, tries to get them all going at the same time. I have to admit it has been trying, she has pushed all of Gigi's buttons too! More frustrating than anything is having your husband sit two feet away and never offer to help, nothing, just sit there and watch hunting, fishing, more hunting, more fishing.........Do I sound a tad irritated?? I don't mind telling you that I am!! Today's picture is from finally just giving in and letting Kyleigh just dig into the tree. Two more 'I sorry Gigi's' and we called it a night. Here is Day 18....
Day 18

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  1. Oh Lisa...that is so funny. You know this is going on the 2nd year that Tyler hasnt and I mean HASNT knocked down the Christmas tree. I started to become a running joke with my Aunt Toni who would call every Saturday and ask... "Did Tyler know down the tree this week?" Mind you he is now 7 years old..... :)