Finding the Holiday Joy

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Project 365 - Day 22

Today I decided to go outside for inspiration, it's chilly, all the leaves are on the ground and brown, there was a gentle wind. I love the sound of wind, always have, it's comforting. The sound will put me to sleep too. I wished that there was a way to take a picture of the way the wind sounds to me........someday I'll find a way to translate it to a photograph. Right before I walked back in I noticed my little garden friend, just sitting there in a pot with no plant. He became Day 22 because he caught my eye and because he looks alot like what I think Santa would during the spring or summer in his own garden :)

Day 22

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  1. Great shot! I love the wind as well. It's soothing to me. By the way your peanut clusters look divine. Thank you for the recipe. I will be attempting to make them very soon!