Finding the Holiday Joy

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Circus Act

I drove my husbands giant Chevy truck to work today, but my arm hurt the entire drive.................because when I got in the truck I put my foot up into the cab, slipped and slammed the door and then the ground in like a micro second! It would have been funny if anyone had seen it, but no one was so I didn't laugh, ok I smirked at myself followed by a groan because I realized I hurt myself. My husband looooves his truck, he cleaned it last week, super shiny, even the inside..............including the freaking mats!!! Ohhh did I mention he put a lift kit on it too, yes a lift kit on a giant truck already!! Getting in the truck is a circus act all by itself!! So alot of you have met me, most of you didn't know that I'm a circus performer in my spare time. You sure wouldn't have guessed that being the height and weight I am right?? But you are so here tonight about 6 or 7 when I go home and you too can witness, live, a circus performer getting into a giant Chevy truck!!

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  1. This has me rolling with laughter. You are so hilarious. How's your arm?