Finding the Holiday Joy

Monday, December 20, 2010

Project 365 - Day 20

Today I bought all the ingredients for my peanut clusters and cookies, I hope to start making them tomorrow. My clusters are the BOMB! if you don't mind me saying so myself! Yummo! I will hopefully post some pictures pre and post production of the yummo clusters :)

Day 20

PS: Ann, your comment about Kyleigh and the tree made me feel better :) I have good news Kyleigh wasn't all over the tree this morning like she was Saturday, so I am hoping some of the new was wearing off. I love her so much, even when she's being a ornament snapping mess! Rider was the tree and present man when he was younger, I guess I had forgotten what it was like. I hope that this year Tyler makes it year three with no Christmas trees in his wake, LOL!!!

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  1. Wish I was closer to taste your peanut clusters besides the fact that I think we could have a blast taking pictures together! I would love to get your recipe at least and try making these with my hooligans. Send it my way if you don't mind sharing. :)