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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Project 365 - Day 92

First I can hardly believe I am on Day 92! make that Day 93 because I still have todays picture yet to capture!
Last night I attended the Little Miss Wills Point Pageant, Kyleigh was in the 2-3 year group. It was being held at the high school, loads of pretty little girls running here and there, spinning, dancing, hiding behind their parents legs. Kyleigh was right in there, she wanted to be on stage, when was it going to be her turn!! Finally it was, I have to say that as proud of my granddaughter as I am I was still surprised at how she handled her turn on stage. She bowed, waved, blew kisses, spinned her dress and just smiled as sweetly as I have ever seen. Seriously it was as though she had trained, which I know she hasn't, maybe just seeing all the other little girls was all it took! At any rate she did great, I was near tears watching her (Pageants are not one of my favorite things and even though we had a good night I think you have to use caution while at those events). She did have a moment of I am sick of this during the last group viewing, all of them were on stage and Kyleigh wanted to dance! I laughed because that's the Kyleigh I know the most!! Afterward I took her outside and let her run and play for 20 minutes, she was getting tired of all the sitting. Now it's time for the crowning, first the 12 months, then the 23 months, then 2 year olds and now at last the 3 year olds. Kyleigh was named Miss Beautiful and Miss Photogenic of her age group then Miss Grand Supreme of the 1 to 6 year olds! It was so exciting! They crowned her, placed a sashe on her and gave her a trophy almost as tall as her! She was happy, smiling and spinning. I was very proud! In the end though Kyleigh with her beautiful new crown, sashe and trophy, was the most excited about the package of sweet tarts she got with it all. That's my punkin, yep that one, the one eating her candy while everyone is taking her picture ;)

Day 92

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