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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Project 365 - Day 104 and 105

Last night I raced home because I wanted to see the sunset from a spot that I know is great, I have driven by it a hundred times picking up and dropping off Punkin. A few years back when things were so crazy I would pull over in that spot to cry or think and almost always the sun would comfor tme there. I sincerely believe it was there for me, to help me make it through till the next drop off and pick up. I have waited for the time change so that I could visit my spot again, the sky wasn't as spectacular as it has been before but I still felt that same comfort while I sat there.

Day 104

I'm always taking pictures of the lake, usually with my phone but this morning as I drove out I noticed a heavy fog on the lake, it was so pretty. Only 35 degrees this morning too, so I had to wear a coat! I walked out there taking my usual pictures when I heard the geese honking, so I walked the lake edge up closer to them, they didn't seem to mind. I stood there watching them for about 10 minutes before it occurred to me to take a picture, LOL. I snapped a few, then watched a little more. It was so cold, foggy and quiet, the only noises were my moving around and them honking. It was nice.

Day 105

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