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Friday, March 18, 2011

Project 365 - Day 108

Last night I was pulled over for speeding, which I was not doing, and they did not write me a ticket for that! buttttt they did write me a ticket for not having my proof of insurance in the car, even though they have the Texas True program and know that I have insurance on my car, they knew that before they got out of their car. Also, as an added bonus I got a ticket for driving on an expired drivers license.............OH MY GOSH!! my license expired on my birthday less than a month ago!!! I was so mad, mad at them, mad at myself, mad at the universe............mad I tell ya!!! When I got home I posted a blurb about it on the FB, hilarity ensued, when it was all said and done I was laughing, even though I am still frustrated about it. My friends commented and poked fun at me until I laughed..........seriously I can't ask for more than that :) So this morning still smarting from the bruises to my pride I decided I needed a sedative to start the day with and my photo of the day all in one place..............the land of coffee, Starbucks!

Day 108

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  1. Amen! Sorry about you getting the tickets but...yay for coffee! :-)