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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Project 365 - Day 91

Driving back from Durango Jean, Steve, Jamie and I had a good laugh about me and my eating habits. I confessed my eating dislikes and likes, also why I don't tell people I don't like this or that, instead I say things like I'm not hungry or I already ate, etc. Curious as to why I do that I explained, let's say someone offers me a glass of tea, I say no thanks I'm good, instead of I don't like tea, because when it becomes known that I don't like tea someone will say oh but you'll like this kind, or the way I make it, then serve me a giant glass of tea to prove it. So then I am really stuck, that is why I perfer to say no thanks, I'm _______. Jamie and I have had a long standing argument about corn vs cream of corn, I love corn but noooooooo thanks to the cream corn, eck!!! She loves the later, therefore I give her as hard a time as I can about it! After we arrived back in Albuquerque we had laughed ourselves silly over comments like 'cream of' and 'you'll like it the way I make it'. I was in WalMart this morning for a couple things, walked passed the corn and thought Ooohhh yeah, this has to be the photo of the day!!

Day 91

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  1. And........that just made me laugh even more!! :0)