Finding the Holiday Joy

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sick for Thanksgiving!

I got sick with some kind of headache/sinus thing on the Monday before Thanksgiving and spent the holiday in bed, my first day up and out of my bedroom was Friday after. I am starting to feel better now but it was a rough week. I did manage to make to Bass Pro Shop to Santa's Wonderland and there I was able to take pictures of my g-babies meeting Santa this year :) Loved that.
I also missed the first day of my class with Kelly Willette Finding the Holiday Joy, I am trying to get caught up on 7 days of pictures, should be fun though because I love, love the things we're asked to photograph!! I hope to post some pictures from my class as I start rolling along with the pictures. If it were daylight I'd go do them all right now!!
This time of year I start thinking about candles and this year is no different, I find myself wanting to smell baking cookies in my livingroom or hazelnut coffee in the kitchen (not because I'm making some though :) I've become a fan of Scentsy, I have to get a few more warmers for the house!! Mochadoodle sounds deeelish!!
Today it was 38 degrees, with a wind chill of 29, I was so in my element!! I wore a coat and was snug as a bug in the car going to work this morning!! Makes it feel all the more like Christmas!!

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