Finding the Holiday Joy

Thursday, November 18, 2010


I am here to say that I absolutely, positively can't stand all the passwords I have to keep up with, today I was locked out of my own UHC policy online for trying too many times to login :( I can't remember my bank password, that one you can't mess up on or they make you call...........please don't make me call I'll do anything!! I have a password to my work email, timeclock and to get into the scheduling manager.....that's ok right? No I have to change those passwords all the time, gotta have a capital letter, a number, a symbol, a lock of my hair and the social security to my first born! Then I have all the passwords to the fun stuff I do, fortunately I have streamed lined those, they are all the same..........something exotic rhymes with hippopotamus :) PayPal!!! geez, I have a paypal acct, can't remember the password, it's harder to get in there than in my own bank. Then there's the username, login name, profile name, user ID......did I give this a name or is it my email address or just the first part of my email address or did I use ElleSnaps?? I'm suffering from password fatigue, please I would call for help but I can't remember the password!!!

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  1. this makes me laugh so hard! I love it and its so true. I don't know how many passwords I have that i thought worked but no longer do, so i had to recreate. And the password story goes on and on, I often times forget my blogger password and get so annoyed when i have to look in my book! This is so great and I must come back for more laughs!!